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About The Pawlished K9

The Ultimate Training to Loving Your Dogs Behavior

Building the unbreakable bond and solid communication is no "one formula fits all" kind of equation. The key to creating a well-behaved dog is to first understand its behavior and how they communicate. Once you are able to understand that your dog naturally has a hierarchical life structure, you will learn exactly how to teach your dog where its place is in your pack; starting in your home.

Training with TPK9 means your dog will receive a customized plan featuring balanced training with innovative techniques that will eliminate undesired behaviors and

teach obedience commands.

Through my program, you will be

armed with the knowledge to lead

your dog for life. 

Why TPK9

Suitable for ALL ages and breeds.

1 on 1 Personal Guidance





In - Home Training 

Innovative Training 

Our Services

Here at The Pawlished K9, we offer a range of programs to help you and your furry companion. Whether you're looking to potty train your puppy or looking for in - home on and off leash training, we've got you covered. Our experienced trainers are dedicated to providing the best care and training for your dog.

Purebred dog French bulldog with big black eyes sits posing with interesting book, relaxin

The Puppy Potty Training Schedule

The Puppy Potty Training Schedule is the ultimate solution for any puppy owner struggling with potty training. With our personalized approach, we create a customized schedule based on your lifestyle and the unique needs of your puppy, ensuring a successful outcome. The schedule includes positive crate training which is essential in developing good habits.  Say goodbye to accidents with our easy-to-use questionnaire to get your personalized schedule created today. 

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Foundation Training

Our foundation program is designed to eliminate bad behaviors such as reactivity, aggression, destruction, separation anxiety, jumping, excessive barking, digging, etc. In return we need to create necessary boundaries such as proper leash walking, place training and crate training (if necessary). Additionally, we teach all basic obedience such as sit, down, stay, come, and heel in the home and out in public. We believe that every dog deserves clear communication to strengthen their relationship with their owner and we will make that happen.

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Off-Leash Training

Our Off-Leash Program is designed for dogs who have mastered the basics and are ready to take their training to the next level. We'll work on advanced commands and off-leash control, allowing your dog to enjoy more freedom while still maintaining their obedience. With our expert guidance, you can have peace of mind knowing your dog is well-trained and reliable in any situation.

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